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yesterday for memorial day, i played taps in a bunch of different ceremonies around town. everyone told me i did such a good job!!! i feel rlly proud abt it. i've been playing the trumpet wine i was like 10...never thought i would stick with it until senior year! my family told me i had the best tone out of everyone hehehe! i am just glad that i got to do smthn nice for the veterans. i am SUPER anti-war, but i <3 our veterans. it's not necessarily their fault that this country groomed them w nationalist values and stuffed their heads full of "patriotism" and "duty" and then stalked them at highschool and sent them to be nothing more than a pawn in some international affair...

my grandfather served 2 tours in Vietnam and got early-onset alzheimers as a result. i watched him fade into nothing. this stupid country took everything from him n so many others :[ so i think it's important to honour our dead

politics aside tho, i really did have a nice day XD did a lot of thinking and writing 4 real!!!1 i hope everyone else had a great memorial day 2! today is my last highschool band concert. its strange to think i will never play the trumpet ever again..........

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