:: I haven't written poems in a while, so this was refreshing


  1. S1:
    Now I say with every thought
     Comes a special little word
    Some people think it's magic, And to some it is absurd.
     I believe in every greeting and farewell,

    The little in-betweens that never fail to make my eyes swell.

     To me, those words meant more to hear
    For others, not so much I fear.

     Losing patterns in my poems,
    Walking down a path,, finding one more. Gaining momentum, finally earning a perfect score.

     I know 'goodbye' is just a word But my heart sinks further.
     Every little line said,
    Gestures exchanged with glee.....

     I'm sorry for what I've done

     But was it really enough
     To forget me?

                            S2 (freestyle)
    every song,
    every poem,
    every little letter wrote..
    each, ingrained deeper into my heart
    with the fewer words we spoke.
    more turned to few as I stare,
    my eyes glued mindlessly to the screen,
    I cry,
     I weep and I MOURN
    over what could have ever been.
     Your name isn't here,
     but I wrote it with your heart in mind.
    every beat, every vein was the home i breathed in, a home I could confide.
    but now you're gone not really, but still.
     I hope you're happy and I wish you well.
    Signed sorrowfully, callisto.

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its been a few days and my posts still have 0 kudos i'm gonna bawl my fucking eyes out

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