During my previous semester of college, I had the opportunity to take a class about poetry. Having never read any, besides what was given to us during High School and elsewhere, I thought it would prove valuable to understand what makes it appealing as a genre. 

I still feel as though poetry is a bit niche but at the same time- universal. From poets like Walt Whitman to Langston Hughes, there's something for everyone. It's as simple or complex as you'd like it to be (damn you T.S. Eliot and your many allusions!). 

Perhaps one of my favorite poets we covered during the 5 or so months was Sylvia Plath. Unlike Marianne Moore and H.D., she provides a certain visceral aspect to her writing- almost as if you can feel her passion welling through the page. My favorite poem of hers would most likely be "Daddy" or "Lady Lazarus" (cliché I know) but an underdog, in my opinion, would be "Poppies in October."

If you haven't read any poetry, like my older self, then I would highly recommend it.

Are there any poets/poetry that come to your mind?

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