Mega-Man and Roll

Houston we've got a problem!

In the Mega-Man or Rock-Man fandom there is popular ship including the titular Mega-Man (or Rock) and his Sister Roll in a romantic relationship. This is bad for 2 main reasons and one reason is because the characters of Rock and Roll are given the appearance and have been programed as 10 years old. Some particularly strange and gross artwork of pairing shows already established minors in sexual act with each other. This varies from artwork to erotic literature such as lemon fan-fiction. With that out of the way the second reason this relationship is flawed is because of the fact that Rock and Roll are siblings and incest is a crime under United States jurisdiction. Now Mega-Man is a Japanese originating franchise and incest is not unlawful. I personally do not think that is any excuse for inserting disgusting fetish of other adult things in a franchise I hold dear.

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