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Forcing the delusion of a walkable city <3

My city. Truly wonderful. A homeless person there, a needle there, vandalism on that underpass, piles of garbage in that park. Dispensaries around every corner, fentanyl laced drugs! All a beautiful harmonious equation to an absolute garbage city. But will that stop me? Hell. No. I walk walk the absolute hell out of this city. Step over the homeless people on the sidewalk, look straight ahead while passing a drug user, and tell those people that I left my wallet at home and that I'll get to them next time.

Anyway, I almost got ran over.

Yes. Walkable city's. Truly a gift to those of us that are lucky enough to live in one. But unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough. I guess my Mom and Dad were like: "What better place to raise our kid than in a drug filled crime infested unintelligent moronic dump!"

I mean, sure there's so so very much to hate about this hell hole of a city, but it's got its perks. Fist off, the food here is very good, the city is filled with historic landmarks and culture, and that's about it. I mean, it's surprisingly easy I guess to get drugs here so it makes sense people here go crazy. To each their own ig.

But sure we've got absolute nimrods behind wheels driving cars, boneheads for politicians, dunces dropping out, and dingbats on drugs, but it gives it character. And I won't let that stop me from living the delulu of being able to walk where ever the hell I want to.

Sure there's been two times where I've passed a dude rambling to themselves on drugs and literally fearing for my life and that one time I crossed that intersection and literally was 1 foot away from being able to sue the absolute hell out of somebody, but looking past that, the 90-100 degree weather, and the extreme distances to walk, I'd would give it all up in a heart beat. Like hell I'd stay here bffr.

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