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Don't leave early. Do your homework.

Don't leave early. Do your homework.

Not long ago, I started to feel uncomfortable again. The way people talked, the noise around me,

and even my friends that were always next to me became so annoying and unbearable.

I curled up alone as much as I could, hoping it would pass quietly.

However, I was irritated and angry for no apparent reason, and then the thoughts started again ...
I didn't want to eat, but I was angry that I was hungry, and I was annoyed and angry 

that I was eating. I knew I had to eat.

I roughly rolled up the rice in a cup of noodles and lay on the bed. 

The back of my hand was sore from the cuts I had gotten when I was washing dishes that I didn't want to do. Nevertheless... I ate rice...

It reminded me of a novel I read a while ago called "The Night Your Star Disappeared."

 It is about a man whose daughter was murdered at the age of 16,

 and whose wife also committed suicide reveals the true culprit, 

and when he hears firsthand why he killed his daughter,

 he turns the situation around him properly, 

and he takes his wife's ashes to the place where his daughter died, and he also dies.

I reflect on myself that I didn't want to do my homework and wanted to run away again. 

Homework given....
Don't go home yet. I didn't finish my homework. 

Don't leave early. The usual talk to children about fulfilling their responsibilities applies to me as well.

Do your homework yourself, responsibly, and on your own!!!!

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