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Ppl i listen too!! decide if my music taste is good or not i just need to let you guys know that i dont only listen to lemon demon & will wood

Lana Del Rey, SLEEP TOKEN, Childish Gambino, Steam Powered Giraffe, Wham!, Deftones, Nirvana, 6arelyhuman, Gorillaz, Get Scared, PhemieC, Ayesha Erotica, System of a Down, Lovejoy, Fleetwood mac, Tears for Fears, Miracle Musical, kets4eki, Broadway Karkat, literally any party rock song, The Garden, Melanie Martinez, Mindless Self Indulgence, IDKHBTFM, Dazey and the Scouts, Nero's Day at Disneyland, Tyler the Creator, Destructo Disk, ICP, Childish Gambino, They Might Be Giants, That Handsome Devil, The Silly Jokes, Millionaires, Kiss Me Again by Roy Bee, Kwite, Rio Romeo, Jazmin Bean, Ghost and Pals, NO.13 Dance of the Knights, Odetari, Nelly Furtado, Glass Animals, Mother Mother, Girls Rituals, All of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, the oozes, Teddy Hyde, Lady Gaga, Briteny Spears, All of the Pocahontas soundtrack, PhemieC, Mook, Pitbull, Ghost, You're Favorite Martian, Los Campesinos!, TV girl, Mitski, Penelope Scott, Tally Hall, Oingo Boingo & more!!! But you get the idea now, right? The rest is individual songs from bands that i dont really listen too much to

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oh yeah. i don't even need to check your profile to know you're gay. this is like, the embodiment of a pride flag. you should check out world/inferno friendship society and the talking heads, i think you'd like them based off what you're into. stay cool as fuck

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This feels like an insult and a compliment at the same time. I don't know how to feel abt this but I will definitely be checking them out!

by PEANUT!!!; ; Report

OMG haha stop it's such a compliment, i really admire how versatile the discographies you listed are, and i love seeing appreciation for older groups like oingo boingo and TMBG (i'm going to see them in november :3). you're oozing with taste, i just see a lot of similitude in the music queer people listen to

by kat; ; Report

Wow! I found out about Oingo Boingo through my uncle! He's actually shown me a lot of really good music that just, isn't on the list!

by PEANUT!!!; ; Report