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I Don't Know What To Put Here

I must say that some fans of bands,artists,ect, are kinda annoying?

I explain, if someone just started to hear them because they became popular, don't be rude and insult that person because they don't know all there discography or all there unrealized music.

Just don't be assholes or just recommend music of them, hearing music before it became poplar don't make you cool.

(If I miss something please say)


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joshua black

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gatekeepers are always really annoying and unfortunately its becomes especially more prominent as a band gets more popular
ive found it happens a lot more within the metal community compared to others and it sucks because its like just let people listen to what they want without having to be incredibly rehearsed with discographies and other bands and what not
it really sucks

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Yea, it really sucks

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