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:Serious blog: What do you guys do during holidays if you've lost a parent?

As someone who's lost their mother at 15, I've really wondered how people deal and cope with such a loss. Many things are still left opened and vague in my life since she's been gone but for me, mother's day can be either underwhelming or pretty great. 

I like to start by making a note to my mother, and share with my family how much she's affected me personally. I then would give a gift or flowers to my grandmother and sometimes seek out stories from family about my mother too. I do wish my mother were still here to celebrate any type of holiday but I am happy to atleast spread how much of an amazing mother she was to me. I know many others couldn't say the same about theirs as much, but just know I am still proud of every step you take buddy :)

That's all I can say for now, If anyone also relates or has any stories I'd be down to hear. (if you're comfortable ofc)

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