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now i'm not exactly sure about the genres but
i listen to almost everything (expect most pop, hardcore metal or country)
i mostly like ''loud'' kind of music for example:
- any subgenre of dnb (breakcore, jungle, atmospheric etc.)
- any song with 43890908243 beats per second my fav artists of these are sewerslvt (problematic but music is fire), rory (loli) in early 20s, machine girl and maybe someoe else but it wont come into my mind rn
of course i also like chill music like:
(i'm too lazy to look up the genres so i'll list some artists/songs)
most duster songs
potsu and more.
i also like utaite covers and vocaloid, i don't listen to japanese songs very much but i still like them.
A famous utaite i like is mafumafu.
Of course there are lots of other artists, genres and songs i like but there are too many to list so if interested you can check my spotify playlist named ''playlist 00'' (other playlists aswell if you want) on my account ''ilytm'', the songs in that playlist are pretty much all the genres/songs & artists that i like.

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