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Two years ago this month we met in smokey point hospital. Suicide was the vibe. We became close pretty quick. She got to see the real me without fear and judgement. She taught me to make paper cranes and we watched cartoons all day for a solid month while they experimented with our medications. Just two schizoaffective trans girls in a psychward. She spent her 21st birthday there. One night she shared what to me would have been a secret but what she openly shares with the world. A fetish and a life I had spent my life hiding from. She opened the world to me and it changed everything and nothing all at once. 
we spent the next year of our lives being homeless together. We'd sit on the sidewalk next to the orion youth center smoking joints and clove cigarettes. nice people would give us drugs for free and life was good. Then we finally got housed and things where good for a while. But then We both reconnected with our friends on discord and slowly we stopped talking to each other. eventually her other partner (who hates me(I hate her too(because of a lot of reasons but mostly because she doesn't listen when you say no))) kicked me out of the apartment. I'm doing fine though. I have a nicer apartment in a nicer part of town with roommates who i don't fear. 

June 1st is her 23rd birthday. I already bought her a gift but we never talk anymore. I miss her every day. 

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