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A prince in your hands

How long had it been? Hours of standing your ground in this drenched domain, soaked, freezing. Your arms stained with red, you have one duty to slay the serpent but it's fearful gaze and almost human like cries catches you off guard. Blade sliding back out of the beast's chest as it flung back, The light bouncing of it's scales would blind you if not for the shield placed around you. Albeit with the help of a local seer have navigated your way down here completely unaccompanied by person or pet and have spent hours trying to get a hit on the serpent, It never once attacking you and now you had. What small bit of regret lived inside you only grew the moment the serpent's form recoiled and retracted. A face you knew not by person but by painting, It had been adorned behind the throne of the woman who had hired you. (just writing to write rn tbh)

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This is so pretty!! I mean it's sad, but yknow?《o(≧◇≦)o》Just the way it's written is really pretty if that makes sense? The... style?? idk much about writing lmao

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Means a lot thank you

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