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How to add images to your profile and blogs <3


specifically for my friend who is still figuring out spacehey <33

for your profile, just copy this code into whatever section you want it:

<img src="image link goes here"/>

to get the image link, right click the image and click copy image link

*this should also work the same way with a link for a gif*

for a bulletin or blog you should have this

you need to click this

and it should turn into this

then you just need to paste in the code from before !

note: this doesn't work for photos from your camera roll because they do not have a usable image link. What I do to convert them is send them to someone on discord (usually my alt), and then open in browser. This should give an image with a usable link. you could just use an image converter for this but I am lazy :D

good luck !!!


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THANK YOU ICON!! โ™ก โ™ก โ™ก

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it shows up a question mark with a blue background on it thatโ€™s shaped like a box ;-; how do i fix that

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do i need to delete the quotation marks in the embed?

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test to see if this wworks in comments

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damnit it doesnt

by eridan!!; ; Report

jossie โœฎ

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thank you so muchh!!

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how do u change the blog/bulletin layout???

by ophelia; ; Report

pasted it in exactly as you do with your page <33

by Rowaaand :]; ; Report

The kugelschreiber sys

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yup! :D

by Rowaaand :]; ; Report

Sarage :)

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ilysm thankyou for this ;^; <<3333

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np bestie <33

by Rowaaand :]; ; Report