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ABOUT ME: Nowachu


name: nowachu

nickname: nowa/noa

age: 20+

pronouns: not really particular about pronouns

birthday: may 21

siblings: --

straight/bi/gay: bi. i never really thought about this. i like what i like i dont like to put a label to it?

job: freelancing(i do video edits for certain creators out there, a bit of ghostwriting in my free time), trying to grow my twitch audience


hair color: black to dark brown curly 2c to 3b curl pattern

eye color: black/ very dark brown 

height: 165 cm 

ethnicity: SEA 

look like a celeb:i dont have anyone that I look like

dye your hair: i did. during the beginning of the pandemic

have bangs: kind of 

have braces: none

wear glasses: sometimes but i dont really need them for my astigmatism

wear contacts: for cosmetic purposes and certain cosplays 

piercings: 7 ear piercings

tattoos: none


Color: muted palettes. violet, purple, red and black and moss green 


Movie: Cinderella 

TV show: Heavenly Delusions. JJK. Dr. Stone. Hell's Paradise. Oshi no ko. YURI!!! ON ICE

animal: cats. ferrets. <3

drink:nice cold coca-cola 

food: steamed pork dumpplings and sinigang PORK

alcoholic drink: meh 

car: Miata :3

day of the week: weekends

season:rainy season and winter  

song[s]: i like a lot of things i cant just put it in here. 

sport: none

restaurant: MANG INASAL

teacher: none. 

subject: english 

holiday: none

book: manhwa. manhuas. webtoons. 

magazine: none

flower: lavender and lily of the valley

memory: none


TV: none

your own phone: yuh

your own phone line: yuh

VCR: yes but its broken 

DVD player: yes and broken 

CD player: yes and broke n

radio: yes 

computer: yes 

posters: roblox guy i printed 4 funsies

of what?: sangwoo and roblox guy 

pictures: none 

of who?: none


taken or single: single 

got a crush: kanae channel <3

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