TW? poem on dissociating and physical trauma:<

little cats jump out of me

rush to hide under the bed

they watch me with their sharp eyes

soft fur, arched backs

bunnies and frogs hop out from my back

tiny hearts and stars trail them

their scared faces loom behind

the great dark shadow infront of me

harsh hands beat my face

cats shiver under the bed

my ears are ringing and red

bunnies leap away with grace

beating over and over and over and over

tears run down unabashedly down my face

their pretend fur is comforting

i can ignore the bleeding lip, the wounded nose

frog croaks come from his back

bunny noises travel from my shaking feet

to my virgin eardrums

salty water careens down my face like rainwater

i focus on the colourful array

of creatures, of stars, of noises, of comfort

his handprints and stings

just my background noise

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