My teeth crumbling or breaking into bits

Going in for a sleep test next week hopefully they can see if maybe I do some teeth grinding or something to help ease my stress in this recurring dream or nightmare since it comes year after year. 

Didnt George Washington have some dream about his teeth falling out and didnt in school they show him with wooden teeth? I swear i've googled this like 20 times already and I forget the anwser to these questions keeping me in a loop. This is a nightmare.

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teeth breaking/falling out etc is a really common nightmare tbh! and personally i would get them a lot when i was rlly stressed or indeed grinding my teeth at night and it sucked cuz it felt so REAL every single time. i think i stopped grinding my teeth since i haven't had one of those in a while but they really are awful!!! i hope u get to find a solution!

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