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doing that about me quiz thing i swear ive seen like everywhere


name: just go w gee

nickname: geeb, geebus

age: 16 atm

pronouns: they/xe/he - she is okay but not as preferred

birthday: oct 4

siblings: lil bro

straight/bi/gay: lesbian. gay as hell. for womem. also grey aroace tho

job: unemployed and penniless


hair color: dark brown?? i think?? some ppl say black

eye color: hazel

height: 5'6" :/

ethnicity: sicilian (italian) australian (i am v white)

look like a celeb: idk?? nothing i think is accurate. i have been told once that i lowkey look like winona ryder but they were def lying bc shes hot and i am not lmao

dye your hair: no

have bangs: ye

have braces: yes and i need them off its been so long bro let me be free oh my god

wear glasses: no

wear contacts: no

piercings: just ears pierced (plan to get more tho hopefullyyyy)

tattoos: no (maybe in future but idk)


Color: red and black (i also like nice soft greens)


Movie: what we do in the shadows

TV show: also. what we do in the shadows

animal: leaf sheep nudibranch !!!!!!!!! (also kitty cats :3)

drink: a nice bubble tea. probably matcha

food: dont usually eat that much but def chicken parmigiana

alcoholic drink: i dont drink

car: not a car guy

day of the week: saturday

season: winter 

song[s]: house of wolves - mcr, caraphernelia - ptv, you know what they do to guys like us in prison - mcr, you will be held accountable for your actions - shin guard, eyeless - slipknot

sport: i am. lazy

restaurant: idk. not a restaurant rly but slice the pizza store bangs

teacher: my bio teacher (hes so chill and nice)

subject: art

holiday: halloween

book: no idea tbh. i mainly read the occasional comic

magazine: i dont read em

flower: dandelions :3

memory: idk


TV: ye

your own phone: yea

your own phone line: no

VCR: no

DVD player: nooo

CD player: no

radio: no

computer: got a gaming laptop (i think it may be dying)

posters: nooo :<

of what?: nothing

pictures:got some funky art prints and post it note drawings

of who?: bleeegghh there is one of a weeping angel


taken or single: single and notttttt over her

got a crush: nah i dont rly get crushes

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