CDs and Zines!!

Today, I went downtown with my friendβ€”we got coffee, tea, and lunch, and hung out, and I got some cool CDs and stickers. (It was $2 for 2 CDs, one of which seems on the rare side from what I can tell!) She also gave me 6 CDs, which I'm super stoked about. Here's the list of what I got:

From the record store:
  1. Perspectives: The Columbia Jazz Sampler
  2. monseraat - points and connections (This was the "rare one," the band looks to be defunct)
  3. A $1 sticker for free! I went "shit, I want this" and asked to add it on after the guy had already rung me up, and they said "I got you" and just let me grab one :))
From the coffee shop:
  1. An iced lavender latte with oat milk (Who am I if not gay?)
  2. Another sticker! This one was $2 and it has some really cool art on it as well as the coffeeshop name.
From my friend:
  1. 2021-22 compilation - top shelf records
  2. and it felt, for a moment, as if it were real - entertextinthe
  3. April March and Los Cincos
  4. Paris in April - April March
  5. Air Guitar - Sobs
  6. Lost and Found - En Attendant Ana
My grandpa has a lot of CD players, but he lives across the country from me now, so when my mom was calling him and I had happened to walk in and ask her to get one from Amazon, he offered to just buy it for me, which was really nice of him! So, hopefully I'll get that and be able to play CDs from its speaker in my room :D

My mom said to me, "CDs are a defunct type of media!" It's really nice to own music though. And to have the physical feeling of creating its ability to play for you.

Also, my dad is teaching at a university in another city (I'm not saying which for privacy reasons but like, it's cool and I'm excited for it) and he'll bring his CD drive there when I visit to stay with him for a while and explore the city. I've been planning to make mixtapes for my friends for a while, so that'll be SUPER fun!!!

I'm really excited about CDs, in case you can't tell. They (and cassettes) used to be my default method of listening to music, and I really miss the physicality of them. It'll be nice to go back, especially with a lot of music I'm not familiar with yet!

Also, I've decided to trade zines with a couple people on Depop. Some of the zines I'm trading are by me, and some are by my other friend, who's given me permission to trade them for hymn. It's so cool. Everything is so cool. Physical media and art are SO COOL!! If you want to trade zines, let me know and we can work something out!

I've had a really good day, and I need to work on some Strudel Cafe commissions before I go to bed. Plus, my friends and I are reading Homestuck as a book club over the summer (I KNOW. it's for the lols and cultural understanding, and it's a reread for them) and we're going to meet to talk about Acts I-III tonight.

Signing off for now!

𓆝 π“†Ÿ π“†ž 𓆝 π“†Ÿ

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Time Life Magazines

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Would you be up for a Zine exchange? If you live near something like a UPS store I could send some Zines there, because giving an internet stranger your home address is a bad idea.

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I live near a few, I didn't know that was an option! Let me know what would work for you :) I can't mail for a couple days since my printer is out of ink right now unfortunately, but I can send you a few mini zines.

by ouroboros; ; Report

I think this is possible. I've never actually done it before and UPS's website isn't incredibly clear about it. I'll give them a call. I always like getting my hands on some new zines.

by Time Life Magazines; ; Report

Sounds good, thank you!

by ouroboros; ; Report

Finally got through to a human at UPS. It is indeed possible to send from store to store, so no personal addresses needed. My nearest store is UPS STORE #2438, 10 Benning St, West Lebanon, NH 03784.

Let me know if you have one near you and still want to exchange zines.

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CDs are the best! Dope taste in music!

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Thank you so much!! :D

by ouroboros; ; Report

Noooo prob x D

by VKermodieV; ; Report