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i keep forgetting i have this lmao

a lot has been going on in my life lately. i finished school for the semester, most notably i went to my first kpop concert in a while (txt, if anyone's curious) which involved me and my family going on a little road trip which was fun and i haven't done one of those since before the pandemic. last time i went to one was in october when i saw enhypen and blackpink. i also saw the live action little mermaid recently and loved every second of it! in fact, just today i went to the theatre for a second viewing with my mom (clarification: it was my mom's first time watching) and she loved it! i haven't stopped thinking about it since i watched it, i cannot emphasize enough how much i loved it as well as how much i love halle in the role of ariel. 

sorry i'm rambling lmao, but anyways

so anyways that's what's been going on in my life as of late! okay i'll shut my annoying ass up now lmao /lh

- jaden

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