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my;little ponies

how tf do u begn watching thisĀ 

there is 2 many diff versions!!!! pls help :(

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i don't know what you want to start with, but the seasons of mlp:fim can be found on the internet archive, and G1-G5 episodes are available for download on yayponies! (http://yp1.yayponies.no/videos/episodes.php) there's also this site (https://fim.heartshine.gay/?s=1&e=1&res=480&lo=0) that has specials, shorts, the movies, and all of mlp:fim as well.

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oh, and most people just watch mlp:fim but you can really start any where. the older gens are just much less talked about as far as i'm aware.

by john; ; Report

omg??? dude u got all of them ty sososososossoso m ive been wanting to watch all of this for 4ever u dont even know :(

by ! roxy; ; Report

no problem! i was obsessed with mlp as a young kid and i was re watching it about a year or so ago for the fun of it.

by john; ; Report

rahhh awesum
im glad u responded bcuz i nooticed they deleted some of the stuff offa netflix so i was super upsetty about that

by ! roxy; ; Report

i know! D: i was really bummed to find that out. good thing that there's lots of sites online that let you watch some shows.

by john; ; Report