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This or that? (First post!)

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I saw someone doing this so I decided to try this myself as a first post!

This or That: 50 Random Questions Made by GlamCat

1. Rock or rap music?

I don’t like any I prefer Rock over rap

2. Pizza or burgers?


3. Talking or listening?


4. YouTube or TikTok?

YouTube! I don’t have TikTok anyways

5. Spongebob or Patrick?


6. Single or Taken?

Single! (And will remain that way once I finish my studies)

7. Fall or Spring?

Fall! I saw a video on this a few days ago and it’s so warm and cozy!!

8. Clouds or Stars?


9. Dogs or Cats?

Cats! But I’m allergic so :((

10. Shrek or Donkey?

This is a toughie so donkey.. I guess??

11. Red or Green?

Red! It’s the closest to pink :D

12. Books or Movies?

Movies! while I love books I tend to get distracted and do something else.

13. Facebook or Instagram?

I don’t have any but I’ll pick instagram?

14. Train or Plane?

Train!!! Planes are scary 😭

15. Pooh or Tigger?

Pooh :D

16. Past or Future?

Past to fix mistakes to make the future better!

17. Tattoos or Piercings?

I’m scared of both but a tattoo could be one of those temporary ones sill pick that.

18. Laundry or Dishes?

Laundry! It’s easier while doing dishes you need to touch all the icky stuff in plates.

19. Snow or Thunderstorm?

Snow! It’s more peaceful (I do like thunderstorms if their not super loud but just that soft rumbling sound in the distance)

20. Batman or Superman?


21. Mountains or Beach?

Mountains!!! I hate the beach

22. Science or Art?

this is the hardest one yet but I’ll pick science 

23. Cookies or Brownies?


24. Blue or Yellow?

Blue :D

25. Ghost or Vampire?

Ghost! I feel like it would be funner being a ghost

26. Dinner or Movie?

Dinner! I want to eat!!

27. Fantasy or Reality?

While Reality might be disappointing you can never run away from it so it’s best to face it with the people you trust ^^

28. Gothic or Preppy?


29. Cottage or Mansion?

Mansion! I wanna be those rich ppl in manwhas

30. Reading or Writing?


31. Soup or Salad?

Salad! Especially with lemon in it to make it sour 😋

32. Sunny or Cloudy?

Cloudy, the sun hurts my eyes even when I’m not looking at it.

33. Outspoken or Reserved?

Reserved, there are things others must not know

34. Silver or Gold Jewelry? 

I guess gold?

35. Driver or Passenger?


36. Shower or Bath?

Bath! With lil rubber duckies!!

37. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early bird!!

38. Optimistic or Pessimistic? 

Pessimistic, I think something bad will always happen 

39. Planned or Spontaneous? 

Planned! I need to think before I do something to see the outcome.

40. Cook or Order Out?


41. Printed Or E-Books?


42. Pink or Black?


43. Busy or Bored?

Bored! Busy is too stressful even if boring is well boring 

44. Sweet or Savory?


45. Organized or Messy?

Organized! I don’t like a messy room

46. TV Shows or Movies? 

Movies! You aren’t waiting for me because it’s all been planned already.

47. Saturday or Sunday?

Saturday! What type of question is this??

48. Flight or Road Trip?

Road trip!! I love it so much makes me so comfy!!!

49. Modern or Vintage?


50. Truth or Dare?

Truth, you can always lie 😈

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