fav moths + about them??

Rosy Maple Moths  their so adorable and totally harmless and their nocturnal herbivores! Their typically found in temperate forests and love maple trees which is where they get their name from. Their usually at Eastern US and Canada and Southern Florida! When Rosy Maple moths are adults they soon lose their mouth. They can lay up to 200 eggs. Because people are chopping down trees they are being threatened by habitat loss. They are also deaf so they communicate using their body. When their caterpillars they can be venomous but it will only irritate the skin and nothing too harmful. Besides Silk moths, Rosy Maple moths are one of the tiniest moths. 

Io Moths  Io moths are absolutely stunning and i love their design!! When a caterpillar and get touched they let out a painful venom because they have stinging spines. They typically are found in Southern Canada and in the US they are in from Montana to New Mexico to the east coast and southern Florida!! Whenever a predator tries attacking, they don't fly away. Instead, they flash their wings, scaring away predators. Im sure ive seen a Io caterpillar, i could be wrong and i was poked by the spikes and yes it does hurt but it definitely could have been a different caterpillar

Virginian Tiger Moths Their so fluffy and just so graceful (in my opinion) Did you know in a few cultures that white moths are considered a sign of peace and harmony, especially Virginian Tiger Moths!! These moths are pretty easy to get mixed up with the Agreeable Tiger Moths which r also close 2 being my faves. Virginian Tiger Moths have furry white legs, meanwhile, Agreeable Tiger Moths have non-furry brown legs. Virginian Tiger Moths do live long whatsoever. The longest they can live is up to a week or two if their healthy. In North America their spotted in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, NC, NY, Ohio, and Vermont. 

Star Moths Theres not a whole lot of information about Star Moths like at all sadly. But their absolutely stunning. The only information i can find is that their found in Southern Maine to Florida and West Missouri to Texas!

Flannel Moths FLANNEL MOTHS R SO COOL. Even though the caterpillars are so fluffy and soft looking, their very dangerous and poisonous. Same with the moth. "They do not actively attack people, but if you brush against these caterpillars, stinging hairs, hidden among non-stinging hairs, can poke into your skin and break off, and venom inside the hairs or spines can penetrate your skin." 

Muslin Moths  It was given the name Muslin in 1759 by the Swedish entomologist Carl Alexander Clerck because its wings remind of Muslin, which is a cotton fabric that used to be very famous during the 17th and 18th centuries. Male moths are typically shades of grey, meanwhile females are white! They are mostly seen in suburban habitats, woodland, down land, gardens, and sand dunes.

i hope you enjoyed learning about certain types of moths, sorry if i didnt get all the information or got the wrong information and let me know whether i should do another moth blog thingyy

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