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to my fellow ghost bc. fans

oh golly there's been a lot going on, so we have two new temporary (i hope) ghouls. Phantom ghoul who is the current temporary (?) Aether/Quintessence ghoul, and Aurora, the new Sunshine Ghoulette.

Okay first of all, I really like Aurora, she has got REALLY cool vocals, but Phantom ghoul..?? Eh,., ionno,., He seems- too confident all of a sudden. Plus, I want my big buff sweetheart Aether back </33

Secondly, the harrassing that has been going on about Chris Catalyst and Per Eriksson. So apparently, the toxic fans on tiktok have been harassing Chris Catalyst just because he didn't attend the new concert because he was working on a solo project, of which, someone who had talked to Chris face-to-face said Chris might be leaving the band, which really upsets me. Chris has been playing for Copia's era since 2018 (basically since he became a papa), so that man really should be respected for working on his solo stuff? What do you want from him?? Dawg,., About Per, he has been harassed just because his FRIEND was a Trump Supporter. They're not harassing her, they're harassing HIM. 💀 Bro?? Hence this Per shut down all his social media accounts and said the toxic side of the fandom is really starting to come up on the surface.

Thirdly and lastly, what do you guys think of the new Ghost singles? In my opinion, I really don't like the music that Ghost is starting to make. It is starting to become more of a pop-rock band than a heavy-metal satanic band that it used to be. Like, comparing Opus Eponymous and Infestissumam to Phantom Of The Opera and Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic, there is a HUGE difference (Excluding KTG-G ofc, that was inspired by 70's music). The Heavy-Metal vibe it had on Opus and Infest can't be found in the last two singles. But of course, it may just be Tobias wanting to explore around with his music and I respect that and I will keep on supporting Ghost B.C. no matter what!

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im so offline i had no idea aether left??? :((
+ ya i agree, i like jesus he knows me but i definitely prefer the older releases (and impera and prequelle.. my beloveds)

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Unfortunately, but we're not quite sure? I mean, if you're comfortable with checking who the guy behind the mask is, check Chris Catalyst's twitter posts. Though, once again I do not wish to spread misinformation, but it was most likely that he was kicked. He had to fill in for another band he was close with for just one concert because the band's guitarist was ill, but he was supposed to be back. Maybe they decided to keep Phantom because the fandom liked him, but as for me.. eh? No.. not really. I don't think I would want a guy who i find overly confident replace our beloved buff boy. No hate though, just my personal opinion.

That, and plus yeah, the music has evolved a lot, but in that case as well, i have no rights to speak badly of it.

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