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everything is trending

EVERYTHING IS TRENDING… With TikTok’s popularity new and old trends are popping off left and right. That twilight core trend which was just a repeat of late 2000s casual fashion. The coastal grandmother and coastal granddaughter. They are examples of short lived trends that have either been watered down or forgotten in less than two weeks so something new can replace it. Old trends have been coming back to like 70s fashion, 90s fashion, 60s fashion etc. It’s not like other generations where the entire generation just has on distinctive style that years after the trend is gone it can be identified with a given year or decade. Maybe I’m looking to deep into it but if anyone has anyone other take on this or something to add I would like to hear it. 

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Nah you're right on. The micro trends, esp on Tik Tok, are insane. Eventually you learn to tune it all out, cause it becomes just regurgitated (did I spell that right??) noise, but it'll definitely be a discussion for future historians or whatever lol

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