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my interests

Games: Roblox, Persona 5, Minecraft, the entire life is strange series, sally face, fnaf, sims 4, little nightmares, Gta 5, human fall flat, kindergarten 1 and 2, Hitman, 60 seconds, episode, webtoon, little misfourtune, project sekai, there's others but i cant remember all of them

Youtubers: jacksepticeye, kubz scouts, boffy, ice cream sandwich, imbrandonfarris, ldshadowlady, smallishbeans, lolijayson, mr ballen, safiya nygaard, vixella, markiplier, coryxkenshin but i dont watch many of his vids, babish culinary universe, gloom

Foods/ Snacks: hot funyuns, hot fries, cheetos, kitkats, zebracakes, nachos, sweet and sour chicken, dumplings

Random: I'm really into a lot of different things there's no specific subject. I explore with many different styles such as gothic, scene, punk, grunge fairy, and then gyaru things. With games I'll play anything as long as it has a good storyline and will keep me entertained.

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