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Weird thing that happened to me a while ago

I honestly don't know if this has only happened to me but if it happened to someone else, please tell me.

It was on the game Tomodachi Life (european copy), i had just opened it and a mii had a the window love symbol

he wanted to ask out a girl already in a relationship, nothing weird soo far.

Of course he proposed to be in a relationship, another boy interrupted it out of nowhere then she accepted to go with the other boy

 (if you're confused it's usually a scene that play out like this):

Now that's where the weird part comes.

The weird thing is that the female mii accepted..

And that she was already in a relationship.

Of course Tomodachi Life is a PG-3 game

and if it didn't have the balls to deal with gay relationships, it wouldn't have the balls to deal with "mature" things such as cheating. And it is infact "impossible" to cheat in it, but one of my miis just did..

Now it's not just that that happened obiviously. Much more happened.

The mii that got cheated with had a sad window symbol (the blue one)

I opened it and the mii was depressed. A sad cutscene played out. But this one was weird.. It happened to me 2 years ago, so i can't exactly do a full description of what happened, but it wasn't your typical breakup cutscene. It was extremely similar to it, but it had some extra scenes with a different music. 

(i was so shocked when this happened that i forgot to get the whole thing i think? Idk it was 2 years ago so i can't really remember..)

Heres the music (they made it a fucking short so i can't embed it)

Also here are some screenshots i got from the cutscene it's some screenshots of scene that aren't normally present

And a video:

(well this scene is apparently normally in a breakup scene but the music is different)

In comparison here's what normally happens during a breakup

Weird thing is no matter how hard i tried to find a similar case, i never found one. Lmk if something similar or weird happened to you.

But well, lots of weird and rare things happen in this game.

For example once one of my miis got in a relationship with their underage relative if i remember correctly.

(remember that there was a mod made for this game so that two miis of the saùe gender could be able to get in a relationship and nintendo made a whole update to fix this mod. Yup thats how bad it is.)

and some things were probably still not discovered.

TL;DR: Female mii got so bored of male mii that she changed the game's code to cheat on him.

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jeez hacker girlboss mii!!!

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