Update! Things are looking up!

May 28th, 2023                  12:07 am to 12:19 am

I graduated a few days ago! I had a great time actually. I thought I would be anxious and sad but it was the complete opposite. When I arrived Kat was waiting there for me. She was wearing a short black tight dress with fishnets and boots. I was wearing the opposite: a long white flowy dress and silver glittery heels. We've always been opposites. 

She walked me to my room because I didn't bring my glasses and I hung out with other people I knew for an hour. We drew on the teacher's board one last time while waiting. Then we got lined up and sent out. The guy in front of me was much taller than me so it was hard to keep up in my heels. He flirted with me the entire ceremony (which was super crazy because his girlfriend was literally a row or so in front of us.) I ignored him most of the time and only replied once in a while to be polite. 

When on the stage I was bouncing up and down. Everyone I knew was freaking out but I felt so excited. I cried for weeks before so maybe I have almost fully come to the fact that I'm grown. I mourned my childhood since January so I guess I'm ready to grow up. 

My family screamed my name when I walked as well as my friends and when I walked the aisle my friends cheered me on! I sobbed when we turned our tassels and tossed out caps. The first person I hugged was Dez. I can't recall the last time I've seen her cry. To be honest I don't think I've seen her cry in all the 12 years of my knowing her. We sobbed as we hugged each other. 

Kat led me to my family. I hugged and cried to everyone. I don't have a single picture with my family that night where I wasn't crying. I felt so happy...still do. 

I filed my fsafa and pell grant today. I'm so excited for the future. I wish I could get to studying asap. Which feels a bit strange because I used to hate studying. Anywho that's my update!

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