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hey again every body!

i have spent the entirety of today on my computer, which is probably not good for me in the long run. i made a ton of progress in my new calamity terraria world today though! i haven't fought any bosses because i'm a pansy who likes to excessively gear up before a boss fight, but i'm pretty much there.

i also spent a lot of today doodling. i took some drawing requests earlier and whipped up two batches of doodles! (which you should totally look at)

i was thinking of making some lay outs and publishing them for people to use, but i don't really know what kind of theme i'd go for. maybe homestuck? i know there's a few of those out there already, but what ever. it would be a fun challenge.

kind of a short entry, but that's ok. thanks for reading any ways!

- eb.

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