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backyard at night

i followed my dog outside tonight

to a half moon / black sky.

cold rock smudged by silver clouds.

blurry , blurry , water glass reflection sky.

a harvestman crawled by , on the black and wet ,

dewdrop cool grass.

both of us stilled.

(i couldn't see his legs at first) (thought he was a tick) (rolled up my pants)

i kept walking , needed to see the moon better.

as if from behind film i saw a hazy sky.

with one or two freezing pinpricks in that sea ,

and a half of a moon , fuzzy as if dissolved.

and then swimming after pawprints , i went back.

that harvestman had left.

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is there a deeper meaning behind this

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anyways i like ur writing style

by dinokitykatt; ; Report

not really its based off a true story (i folwloed my dog outside aznd there was a mischevious little bug out there).... and thank u :heart:

by k; ; Report