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✦✧Sanrio Becoming Trendy✧✦

As someone who has been a huge fan of Sanrio since I was 13, I find it interesting that teens and young adults are now collecting Sanrio clothing, plushies, stationery, etc. Don't get me wrong, I really like the fact that Sanrio is more popular and older people can enjoy it. The problem, however, is that it doesn't feel fun anymore to go to the store and look for Sanrio shit because, for the most part, it will be out of stock because of "Sanrio Girlies" who are only buying Sanrio stuff because it's "trending". Now I am not one to gatekeep, believe me, I hate gatekeeping with a PASSION. But I am pretty sure a lot of these girls who collect Sanrio stuff are the same people who used to bully people for liking it before it became popular. Look at anime for example, before 2010 or 15, you couldn't tell people you liked watching anime, or else you'll get called a nerd, weirdo, or basically any mean shit people can pull out of their ass. Now anime is more socially acceptable and it's like people make up your goddamn mind, do you hate us or not, you know? At least in my own personal experience, I was bullied a lot for liking Hello Kitty and shit, and now I'm seeing the same girls who used to bully me have Sanrio plushies and saying what their favorite character is and whatever. This is my take on it anyways.

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Ezra <3

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Yea this totally makes sense especially the anime part it's just weird having all these ppl suddenly liking Sanrio again out of the blue. I mean a lot of the fans only know the main few like Hello kitty, my Melody, Kuromi, and Cinnamaroll (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) but it just doesn't feel genuine anymore. This goes with a lot of other games too like FnaF and Undertale, a lot of people used to get bullied for liking it and called "Cringe" because of it but now those are considered "Trendy" games. I've liked Sanrio ever since i was younger but I could never find any other fans but know everyone is considered a "fan" of Sanrio and other fandoms.

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Yup, it's true, it's really hard to find people who are genuinely into stuff that people in the past would call weird or cringe. I don't want to come off as a person who would ask, "How long have you been in this fandom?" or "Name a couple of characters from this series" You know? I really don't want to be a gatekeeper but these fucking hypocrites really make me want to do so. Bullying me for liking something considered "cringy" now and then a few years later you like it all of a sudden because it's popular now.

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