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it's my FACE, woah WOAH woah WOAH woa WOAH woah

BAM!!! face! well, u gotta click on the google doc link cuz the formatting on here is a cockmunch. anywho~ Idk how long I'll keep this up for or if anyone sees it at all but I finally took a picture of myself lol, usually I only take pictures when my friends are with me- but I got one! huzzah!

ballz <--

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RESPECTFULLY; you are fine as hel

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THANK YOU >;P I don't know what you look like but the vibes u give r fine as hell, respectfully lol

by Salem; ; Report

omg..... thank you..

by TOBIAS ⛧; ; Report


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wait you have a face? WOAH woah WOAH woah WOAH woah W

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perhaps. WOAH woa WOAH woa WOAHHH woah WOAHHHHH woe

by Salem; ; Report


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OH MY GOD??!?!?!!<<,1>.1.1.?!?!?! YOU LOOK SO MAJESTIC ?!?!>!>!!>>!!!!?!?!>!>!>!>!>> HELLLOOO?!>!>!!!?!?

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MAJESTIC???!?!?!!?!11? RAHHhhhhhh!!?! THANK YOU! I have never been called majestic before that's certainly new lol fank you v much ;p

by Salem; ; Report