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about me!!

i realised i should probably do one of these so!! im rowan!! im from the uk. im 17, non binary and bi and i use he/they pronouns :)

some of my favourite things are the persona games (ive only played 4 and 5 but!! i will play 3 at some point), bungou stray dogs, tgcf, honkai star rail, project sekai, ensemble stars, loona and music in general!!

i listen to a lot of music but my favourites are probably loona (obviously), txt, chloe moriondo, sobs, my dead girlfriend, yerin baek, the volunteers, yukika, persona soundtracks, enstars songs, project sekai songs and theres probably more but i cant think rn 

some of my favourite shows are community, the good place, nana, kimi ni todoke, i am not okay with this and the owl house

my ims are always open but im not the best at talking to people so just bear with me if im awkward 😭

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