Can someone give me tips to not stress over uni stuff??

I love my course. I'm majoring on Industrial Design and I really love it but I feel like I barely have any time left to live and do things I want. I chat with my bf everyday and almost everyday I say "I'm doing models for class" or "I'm studying".

I love learning but I think it is messing up my mental health. I would like to do other things appart from studying, like painting again or going to the gym, or being able to do cosplay for once.

Any suggestion on how to manage time?

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get Google calendar and time block. block off 2 hours on a Saturday specifically for painting or something. block off an hour for the gym. things like that. don't let anything else interfere with that block. block off time for studying as well. you should study around the same time everyday if you can. that way your brain will associate that time with studying. for me it's 6-9 everyday except Thursday and the weekend. whenever someone was like "wanna hangout at 8 on Wednesday?" I remember that time is blocked off and I made sure I don't have to study b4 saying yes. its rlly helpful! it's helped me as a chronic procrastinator.

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thank you so muuuuuch. I'll put this on practice now that I have finals <3

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