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Get to know me!

Names: Max/Rex/Jax/Alex/Spencer/Percy! I don’t care which you call me and also no clue why all end in x but I think it’s funny!

Pets: I usually just say I have 2 dogs (Names: Mimi and Roxy) but I have a lot more because my brother loves fish so we have a bunch of those and also I have an axolotl! Mimi is a pitbull mixed with something but we don’t know what! I think it’s lab! She is very old! Roxy is a Great Dane and she’s like 10 weeks old possibly? I don’t really remember but she is a pup!

Siblings?: I have 5! Two sisters and three brothers! My eldest sister is dead (do not feel bad) and one of my brothers isn’t technically my brother he just is always around so he is like one! I don’t know their ages but my other 3 are 8, 18, and 23! 

Fear?: The kool aid man.

Fav school subject?: History!

Coffee or tea?: Water! I only really drink water

Did you play any sports growing up?: I played soccer! All of my siblings did and my youngest brother still does!

Fav ice cream flavor?: Vanilla! I dislike chocolate unless it’s this one though which has like fudge and stuff! My brother got me into it

How many shoes do you own?: 8 pairs, 2 are heels and the rest are boots! I recently broke my sneakers so I am saving up to get a new pair!

How many languages do you know?: Only English but I know some French and am trying to learn more!

Favorite flower?: Lavender roses or Cherry Brandy Roses! Mostly because of what they mean!

Favorite candle scent: Jasmine, vanilla, or strawberry 

Friends with any of your exes?: No but I probably would still have been with one(Ended on good terms) but I lost their number

Tattoos?: Not yet but I already know what I want! A question mark on my left shoulder, a V on my ankle, a triangle on my chest, a spider on my hand, a heart on my hip! Those are just a few I had in mind!

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