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3/4 done

The last of the melodies were tracked yesterday morning. And then as a bonus, I got to add some neat noises to songs. 

I love making noise!

And on top of that, yesterday was a shorter session. The last couple were pretty long, felt that ear fatigue set in and it's not fun. Everything sounds like it's under water. But now that I won't be back in the studio until June 10 to track solos, I can decompress, save some gas money, and work on solo ideas at home.

One thing I learned with creating music: don't be too wedded to your ideas. The older I get, the harder it is to make albums (I'm old school). I am not complaining; in fact, my creativity is getting better over time. I've been making album for 20 years now (!) and with each new endeavor, it gets to be more a challenge. I get defeated at times, my heart sometimes wants to quit. But I keep pounding it out. Why? Because it's all about the music for me. Period. So when I write something, I can't expect everyone in the studio to think it's the best thing they ever heard. 

But I like to surprise everyone :)

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