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  • i use adult language and raunchy humor a lot. if you're uncomfortable with this just tell me and i can tone it down.
  • i don't need tone indicators and i don't use them by default - but please let me know if you prefer me to use them.
  • i tend to be hypercritical of my interests so please understand that i do genuinely enjoy the things i talk about lawl
  • i ramble too goddamn much and tend to overshare/infodump about my interests i'm so fucking sorry lol
  • for the love of christ don't be vague with me. if you have an issue with what i say/do just please talk to me about it.
  • i have diagnosed depression and generalized anxiety disorder + suspected ocd and struggle with paranoia
  • please be aware i might take breaks from being online for a while due to dips in mental health and/or physical health


if i don't like you/i'm not comfortable with you i'll just block/ignore. i really do not care about what you do here outside of some particular things

  • basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot in general etc.)
  • if you call yourself "problematic" or actively engage in discourse. i've served my time worrying about you people i'm fucking tired
  • if you headcanon/fetishize/rpf/whatever about real fucking people. yes even the "jerma is trans" people i dont fucking care
  • TERFs don't interact i will fuck your mom.

thin ice

  • please understand i might be distant if you are a minor - i don't mind if you add me or if i happen to add you and we talk via DMs but i won't interact past that
  • people who like hoyoverse games. some of you are fucking freaks so just be chill and we're good 👍
  • any -smp fans (qsmp, dsmp, etc.) again just don't be fucking weird

thanks for reading ★

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