Flying hiatus is officially over!

Oh man, the weather was so perfect today! It was beautiful! The golden sun rays were making the lake and hills just look like gold. There were so many clouds, it was breezy, and even though I felt really sore and tired before my flight, everything went superb. 

I did the best I've ever done today. We did ground reference, and I learned how to use the trim tab today. For the first time ever, I was actually able to hold my heading, altitude, and airspeed amazingly well! Lots of fiddling around with the throttle, which I've finally gotten the hang of. My landings are better, now I'm mostly struggling with properly lining up with the runway. 

After this amazing flight, I was so tired and hungry. When we landed, we heard some music blasting from the nearby café. Weird... They supposedly close at 2pm every day. Well, I decided to check it out with my mom, since she tagged along. And it turns out they were open and had a DJ playing live music! 

The staff told us that the reason they never announce being open on Friday nights is because it would attract a hige surge of guests, and they don't want to have that. So they just told us not to tell anyone, and to treat it more as a "if you know you know" kinda thing. Fair enough! 

Anyways, I'm completely exhausted so I'm just melting into my bed right now. I'm going to sleep early!

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