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rip stephen allen games </3

Logged back onto raptors online for the first time and its so EMPTY!!!! back when it released it had at least 50 players every day and I logged back in and there were like??? 5 players??? wtf??? went onto another steph al game and it was emptier. I don't know if it just lost relevancy and it just really made me sad man like, where did they all go... The newer games aren't as good and just don't feel the same, the anime charity one is just nasty imo and all the new games just don't fit. The appstore has just been really going downhill these past years, BRING BACK LOW BUDGET LOW POLY GAMES!!!!! Like the salad fingers clicker game got removed off of the appstore along w/ superemoalpaca!!!! tried downloading them both but they were only available on shady APK sites, didn't even work on bluestacks either!!! If there are any fans of the older stephen allen games feel free to mention in the comments!!!!

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