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why you shouldnt use discord as your only chat platform

ive already given my take a million times, but ill reiterate the tldr;

 discord is, like most similar startups, a Schrödinger's ponzi scheme. it operates at a total loss and is funded about 80% by investments which it can only repay with more investment and is continuing that way unless they find a way to monetize it enough. consequently, there's only 3 ways for things to go: 

1: 48% that they open the box and the cat is alive. they do find a way and make the software fucking awful to use (even more than now somehow) in order to pay back their investors whove always been the real customers here.  

2: 48% that they open the box and the cat is dead. they cant find a way to monetize the platform, and they can't make up for the investments theyve flushed, so the company implodes or seeks someone to buy them out and save the sinking ship. aftet than, the first option is bound to happen eventually. 

3: 4% that they manage to convince their investors its not worth checking on the cat in the first place. they continue walking the ever-thinning tightrope and somehow never fall off either side. this is exceedingly unlikely but everyone remains in the same state of unease as there's no way to leave the box there forever and eventually itll start to smell reeeaal bad and someone will check on it by accident.

theres no good ending. you cant just fix it, because its going to end badly no matter what. the platforms features are only so good because they're not financially rational at all. they're only doing exactly what uber did by lowering prices so much that they drive taxis out of business and then rising prices to sustain their existence and pay off the investments that allowed them to operate in the first place. except instead of driving out taxis, they only need to get you hooked by getting all your friends and communities in one place so you feel like you cant leave even once the prices start rising.

stop using discord. use Revolt instead of falling for the trap and getting addicted to something you cant afford if they werent operating at a loss to lure you in.

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Adding onto this, Discord is really bad for privacy/user freedom and shouldn't be used at all.

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"speaking of which" is a hyperlink btw

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