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the people love me

i think that i am unwell mentally but in the notmal way. i do not understand this website but i am here and it is okay.  when i fogert tgis in a few days thris will be a silly little testament to mental illness. I have been listening to bo burnhams 'inside' and wowee. see i have enjoyed this mans creations since i was but a boy and my elder brother played me the 'kill urslef' song and i was like 'wow, so funny, i love being edgy and hvainf a darks ense of humor' and then i continued to be mentally unwell. this olderb rother is currently watching hunterxhunter in the pther room. with my other elder brother. the other brother said i wouldnt like the show. hes right. i hate everything. teehee. see look, i gave such a bleak outlook on life. blame bo burnham. or the trauma. either is quite funny. i domt know what im doing with my life. i should get a job. fo u think if i got a job at a coffee shop i could have my own silly little coffee shop au and then find the love of my life? because i think that would be nice. i do like coffee. although the aromanticism might get in the way. cet la vet. kay sarah sarah. words. im still listening to bo burnham. i wish i could just make my comic, get famous, and then kill myself so that i can die in a way billy joel would respect. salut les amis, à bientôt!

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