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i will never understand people's hatred of insects. i love animals - i always have loved animals, but insects in particular are so special to me. i love insects, they're my favorite class of living creatures on this planet. 

people call insects ugly and scary. i don't understand that. they're beautiful. just the veins on their wings are so intricate. the iridescence on some flies, the gradient on a roach's body. they have such beautiful colors to show you, and people still choose to crush them into nothing.

and people think it's okay to talk about how much they want to kill insects. i hate when people say that around me. i show them a picture of an insect and they talk about how much they hate it. if i said that about someone else's favorite animal they'd hate me, lul. but i'm expected to agree with people who hate bugs.

i could go on about this, i do in my mind, but i just can't put it into words. they're such beautiful animals and they don't deserve to be killed just for existing. i jst. luv bug...... err i might delete this ltr lul ..

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