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Driving Practice

Despite my age I do not have a drivers license yet. I just hate cars and being in them and around them. But alas. I've applied to every job within walking and bus-ride distance and none of them have responded, which means its time to finally get a license and then apply to places that I couldnt reach otherwise. But man do I hate it. Every small thing leaves my heart pounding. And it doesn't help that the other people driving their 2-ton metal death machines aren't very kind about it.

Doesn't help that I've been having insomnia lately. Don't remember how much of last night was spent laying awake, but it sure was a lot of it. Hopefully tonight will be better. My lack of sleep has been fucking me up pretty bad. Can't focus very well.

Ah well. I'm home now. Today was t-shot day and my injection went smoothly. Didn't hurt a bit. Nothing like coming home and injecting my body with some pure bottled masculinity. I might take a walk and sit by the river if none of my friends want to play video games tonight.

And now I'm thinking about AI art because while writing this I had to step into a heated conversation about it in a server I moderate. One day I'll make a blog detailing my thoughts on AI. It has a lot of generalizations about it, but it's actually such a... deep, deep topic. I think people glance at the surface of the water and make their conclusions, but this shit goes way further than just assumptions. But that day is not today, because today I'm running on no sleep and oh boy is that bickering continuing despite me using my mod voice gdi

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