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Degrassi Next Generation: Worst Couples Analysis Pt. 1 (Long Blog)

Yo yo yoooo, as stated I came on here with the hopes to possibly build a community sparking life back into the fans of Degrassi Next Gen, FNAF and other early 2010s/2000s things. Twt is getting to be a huge problem since no one really interacts but I feel as though here some of you would find what you're looking for. As I'm rewatching the show ill probably post blogs with season analysis' and some other things, since this is my first blog, this is only the test run... the pilot if you will. With that lets jump right in!

Spinner and Emma

Spinner and Emma are like top 3 worst Degrassi couples. They just had to go at the top of this list. It was completely unwanted, unnecessary and stuuuupid. The only reason writers put them together was because 1. Sean wasn't coming back and 2. They wanted to have Emma end up with someone from the original cast. This shit was HOOOOORRRRIIIIDDD. BOOOOO. 

Ashley and Jimmy 

This may be a shocker, but I swear by it this was the worst original couple. To make it even worse it was the first couple regarding students that was brought up. They had been together for a year and all they did was bring out the worst in each other then get back together for shits n giggles. The relationship mainly didn't work because Ashley was such a prick, however Jimmy was annoying me when he tried to go back to her every chance he got. Not realizing that she brought out the worst in him EVERY TIME. Jimmy deserved better.... Ashley... Not so much tbh. 

Paige and Spinner

I will admit, there is room for debate on this. However people seem to forget that this couple was forced and was never supposed to exist. Spinner was supposed to be end game with TERRI NOT PAIGE. The only reason they ended up together was because Paige was a terrible friend to Terri and got her drunk so that she would embarrass herself in front of Spinner at the dance so that she could swoop in and take him. To make it all the more worse, you could tell spinner still had locked up feelings for Terri the rest of the time she was on the show, especially during the Rick era. After Terri left however, the couple continued to be destructive towards each other. Paige was dealing with her own issues and constantly ignored or blatantly disregarded Spins feelings for her own well being. In this relationship and her others, she was a selfish lover. 

Marco and Dylan

If I said it when I was young I'll say it again now, MARCO AND DYLANS RELATIONSHIP WAS LEGIT EMOTIONAL ABUSE!!!!! Dylan had no real feelings for Marco and quite literally only dated him because he was the only gay guy in Degrassi. Which is why as soon as he left for college he started cheating and claiming an "open" relationship because he didn't want to have to deal with Paige's mouth if he broke it off with Marco so soon. The icing on the cake was him continuing to date Marco and MOVE IN WITH HIM only to leave like a few months later and never return. This relationship could've been cute, it could've been endgame, but Dylan was simply an emotional abuser and lowkey master manipulator. Especially with the ways that he used to make Marco feel like he was in the wrong for being upset when it was not his fault at all.  

Craig and Ellie

Whichever writer of degrassi decided that they wanted to make Craig and Ellie a ship at all needed to be FIREDDDD. Not only did it just prove Ellie to be an actual CARBON COPY of Ashley, which was the last thing I needed after her character left the show, but it also just ruined Ellie's Character. She was so in depth and cool but then she met Ashley and literally turned into her but... worse almost! She became the most intolerable character on the show for a long while which is saying a lot since Emma was still on the show during her time. She consistently went to WARRRR over Craig Manning with anyone only to be manipulated and kicked to the curb over some cocaine. Craig being bipolar, on actual coke, and being a master manipulater just used her and led her on the entire time. It was worse in the last few episodes of Degrassi going to Hollywood simply becasue all Craig did was lead her on and then cheat on his ACTUAL girlfriend with her in the end. Mind you these two were never together but deserved to be on this list simply because of the Bullfuckery I put up with for damn near 4 seasons with these two. 

I have a lot more couples to talk shit about but these were just five off the top of my head. If you enjoyed pls pls pls friend me I can talk about Degrassi all day. I'll make more blogs but this is just my starting point so I can get something on my page. Love yall!! <3 

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