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Air Canada is so trash

I don't even know if I want to go into details about this, I'm just so upset over this. My boyfriend and I are supposed to travel to my home to see my parents this summer, the tickets are already booked and he already scheduled time off from work. 

Of course, on top of every other horrible thing that's happened this last month, we found out the other day we can no longer go on our trip that I paid for because of a mandatory court date thing that my boyfriend has to show up for right in the middle of when we are supposed to be at my home. We don't know why it was scheduled so far in the future when everything else has been happening days apart from each other, we can't do anything to change it or change the plane tickets because my idiot ass didn't bother to get insurance because this wasn't supposed to happen at all. Like it's literally two months from now, why couldn't they finish up the whole case when they did it all?

It royally fucks us over and we are both devastated, I need an outlet to complain and vent because I fucking hate Air Canada for their bullshitery and I hate the court system too for more reasons than just fucking up our trip. 

Fuck everything.

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