when will it be my turn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

i like a guy from school, he's a year younger than me and I think he is pretty cool, we have a lot of things in common and I really enjoyed spending time with him :3 I saw signs that I might be lucky this time and that he might like me back, but suddenly he is dating his ex again, and tbh I was really sad

I just wonder, when will it be my turn? every time I fall in love it is NEVER with someone who loves me back, like, I got told many times that someone will appear, bro is taking too long πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£Β 

however I'm not that desperate, but it kinda makes me feel bad that all of my friends had something, like, at 17 I'm the only one that has never kissed a person, not even holding hands or whatever. Like, NEVER

It hits hard because I get that feeling of "What is the problem with me?" I know I don't need to change, but am I loveable? like, no one has ever fallen in love with me, and if someone did, well they were very shy, even more than meΒ 

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NO COZ I TOTALLY GET YOUUU!! ;< i feel like i relate from a different standpoint from u tho bcz im the only darkskin black girl in a predominantly white school and all of my frendz tend to get the attention from boyz and its just like AHHH wat am i doing wrong????οΌˆοΌ›γΈοΌšοΌ‰bcz theyre the standard around here and i get like zero attention coz the boys in my area dont rlly like black girlz like dat β•₯﹏β•₯ but i TOTALLY understand u!! i know how it feelz and itz so frustrating bcz its like your turn will never come :( BUT I PROMISE U IT WILL!!! and i knoooooow you must hear dat a thousand times a day im pretty much saying it to convince myself too
ALSO istg guyz getting back with their exes iz literally a pandemic WHY DO THEY ALL DO IT????? almost every guy ive talked 2 is still in some sort of contact wit their ex like... no cos letz talk about it itz crazy???!!!! (γ€οΉβŠ‚) but ANYWAYZ the one sided love thing i get too, dont ever feel like ur loving too hard and that its pointless because i can assure you, someone thats deserving of all your luv and time and effort will come around so you dont have 2 hold bac!!! no need to waste it on some silly boi that clearly doesnt appreciate u!!! (>_<)
ok sorry for da long azz comment but !!! i wish u da best of luck :>>

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Bro I'm tellin' ya, just tell him how ya feel.
When the iron is hot, ya gotta strike. It's better to tell him and find out than suffer in silence. Even if he doesn't like you back, at least you told him. You can't just wait for things to happen. :<

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ive been thinking about it because i have never told anyone that i like them, so I was thinking about to tell him this week if i get brave enough:3 thanks for the advice

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Just go for it. At least they'll know. I'm in a similar situation myself and I want to tell the girl I love how much she means to me but she just got with someone who seems to not even care about her at all. Hopefully she'll understand how much she means to me and if she doesn't love me back, that's her choice. I can't force her love me, it has to be natural. She didn't force me yet here I am. In the end, don't think of it as they'll get with you by confessing or something like a movie or whatever. Just think of it as you're going to finally show your true colors, and whatever happens, happens. Best of luck to you m8

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