Let's Talk about Ghibli

T         OH, MY GOD. Ghibli is obv one of, if not THE best animated-movies studio. My favorites are Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Well, to be honest, these ARE the only ones i've seen, but they all had their own charm, while still keeping that ghibli feel. The soundtrack, artstyle and animation are the KEY elements when you talk about Ghibli. For example, My Neighbor Totoro didn't have a super complex, filled with plot twists, advanced story. It was just about 2 little girls and a funny rabbit looking creature. But even if the story was so short, it was executed so well and had such amazing qualties overall, making it one of the best animated films ever. 

        So what went wrong?

          Well, times are changing, money is getting harder to earn and prices are getting higher and higher. Ghibli presumably had a lower budget, and in 2020 they released the first 3D Ghibli film, "Earwig and the Witch". dear. god. The story was HORRID. It focused around this annoying little girl and to be honest...the artstyle didn't do it much favor. It looked soulless, and more like a youtube short film made by a high school student, rather than a MILLIONARE CARTOON MOVIE COMPANY. Needless to say, Ghibli took a wrong turn.

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