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Funnee tranphobia

One thing that has been happening is the I'm finally holding my ground about my preferred name.

On my door is a to-do list with my dead name on it. Lately I've been crossing out my dead name and writing "nora" next to it, and the next day I'll see that nora has been crossed out and my dead name re-written.

I'm just gonna keep going to see if the whole list will covered in crossed out names.

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i dont really understand why your name would be crossed out (parents?) but your ''preferred'' name is simply your name and its weird to call it anything else, isnt it?? although i understand. but you shouldn't be bothered to call it ''preferred'' towards anyone to explain your situation to anyone in the future. your name is your name.

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Wowzers, I never just thought of my "preferred name" as like just my name. This was dope for my brain. Thanks for this comment.

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