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Another Update just Incase

A Decision has Been Made

i have honestly been thinking about weather i share this information with strangers on the internet or not. then i figured that i won't be sharing the exact location, and can keep things fairly generalized. i honestly don't know who's reading the stuff i post or not. it's more for me and less for the reader.

i plan on moving from the midwest to the south. it makes sense for multiple reasons. my home life isn't that great, i'm 20 and haven't had a job for over a year because i refuse to go back to customer service/food service jobs. it's all i've had in the past and it's all i'd be getting into. this is obvious because no other places hiring want to train someone new, they want people with experience in the field that they apply for. another beautiful reason is because my significant other is down there. i have to stat a life sooner or later, and i'd rather it be sooner than later

my plan is to take things one step at a time, learn things about the subject i'd be going to school for in the south to learn, and pick up the Spanish language more so i don't the idea of sounding like a tourist. JAJAJAJAJ!!!!

i'll be packing my bags in 2 months and leaving in august, so i have plenty of time to get things together, i have to keep telling myself that so i don't feel as rushed. i do that by default for some reason ;-;

i'm typing this before i have to leave and pick up my younger sibling, so it's not gonna look as pretty as the posts at 2am LOL

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