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ideas for my accounts online

recently, i've been trying to clean up all of my accounts online and just general things like that. so far, these are all of the accounts i have under the name scourgiez (only on these websites!)





instagram (i have temporarily deactivated..) 




i'm considering deleting my instagram and my twitter, though, because i feel i don't get that much traction on there. but then... where would i post my art? sigh, it's kind of a headache. neocities is a good site but i don't want to have to pay for it. soooo.... they gets me in a pickle. i'm keeping my deviantart for sentimental reasons, i suppose i'm keeping instagram for that as well, i have to have toyhouse for my characters however! it's just confusing, i think i am thinking entirely too much about this. 

anyway, i'm not doing much right now, and i am listening to music as i make my neocities site. i was hoping to use it for commissions...

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