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I FINALLY FOIJD IUT HOW DO DO THISIBAYAYAYAYAUA okay but if ur seeing this andnur friends w me PLS LET ME KNOW IF IM BEING TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING (too weird depressing ect) im not good w people so im rlly mot that good at reading social cues ALSO I THINK I MIGHT HAVE A NEW CRUSHIE WUSHOE!!!! my old crush was a cis het guy in a relationship 😞😨👎 hes still super cool in my eyes but ik i wont have a chance w him so im trying to completely give up and chase someone who's s way more in my league (in a good way) their super super cool and nice and silly! we have alot of the same music taste and thats super cool for me and i think some interests. im still getting to know them but still! i also have not been to school in a whole (basically) week and im supposed to go today but ite 3:30 and i still havent gotten a wink of sleep lol (i need to me up and out by 9 8:55 but atill) anyways im done w this! baiii

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lol the guy i was talking abt is my boyfriend now

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